Asterix and the Banquet

Prepublication in the comic magazine Pilote in 1963
Original publication
1965 – Plate 6

This is the first stage of the tour of Gaul begun by Asterix and Obelix to defy Centurion Lotuseatus. Our favourite Gauls arrive in sight of Rotomagus, i.e., Rouen, which has not yet grown into the size it is today. The “Normans” already fit their stereotype. “Could be” and “Could be not” is the precious information given by a local to our heroes who are asking for directions. Real Norman responses!

As is often the case in the series, the town is presented from a bird’s-eye-view, allowing the whole city to be seen within the narrow confines of a comic strip panel.



  • Plexiglass on aluminium – Dibond, with an aluminium hanging frame on the back.
  • Fine Art Hahnemühle paper on aluminium – Dibond, framed in a white or black American wooden frame. Hanging frame on the back, made of aluminium.

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Limited edition

All the Asterix Art Strips are published in a limited edition of 30 copies with a certificate of authenticity signed by Céleste Surugue, Managing Director of Editions Albert René, and Florence Mittnacht, Legal Director of Editions Albert René.

Delivery time and conditions:

  • Production time 2 to 3 weeks
  • Delivered in cardboard and plastic film